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shopping for that special someone?
Let Browzzer help you organize all your
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Browzzer is a free mobile application and website that lets you keep all of your online and offline shopping options in one place. With Browzzer, you can organize, share, and compare your shopping experience as you visit different online and in-store locations.

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Organize Choices

You can save pictures, videos and audio files that describe a specific product and organize them in an album. Whether you are buying a house, a car, renovating a bathroom or simply shopping for a perfect gift for the next special occasion, Browzzer can help you to take the confusion out of shopping experience.

Share With Others

You can share your pages and albums with people you care about to get their opinion. You can also help them make better decision.


For Things That Matter

You can create a Browzzer album as you visit different locations and create pages with pictures, videos and audio files for what is really important to you. then share it with people you care about and let them help you make a better decision.

For People That Matter

Team up with your friends and family to create a memorable event for special some one. You can create an album in Browzzer and share it with others so everyone can add their opinion while keeping it private to the group.

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Find Good Deals

Find a good deal online and in-store?
Why not share it with your friends and family.
Browzzer can make it super easy

Become a Partner

Lookin for ways to increase your brand awareness and improve marketing visibility to increase sales? Become a Browzzer Partner today!

The Browzzer Benefit:

  • Marketing & brand visibility to all current and new Browzzer users
  • Free marketing for your company
  • Easy Walk-in sale
  • Tailored promotions and terms to your ownneeds and preferences
  • Easy Application Process

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